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The Future of Fashion, FIT 2013 Knitwear

 Tae Kim
Black, red & turquoise jacquard dress with tied cotton strand sleeve detail

Tae Kim

Turquoise & black coat with tied cotton strand detail, jacquard cardigan, pant

Danielle Ridarick

Black & blue hand-knit sculptural dress 

Sijeo Kim

Black & white cotton jacquard dress with sculptural shoulder

Kady Gray

White & black jacquard coat, dress

Nora Abdelwahed

Grey dip-dyed cotton cropped tank, striped skirt with weaving detail

Jinney Suh

Grey & white ombre cotton flared dress with needle felting

Heidi Bischoff

Grey dip-dyed dress with thick & thin hand weaving detail

Victoria Clemente

Charcoal viscose asymmetrical dress with hand weaving detail

Chelsea Agawa

Grey rayon hand crochet dress 

Chelsea Agawa

Maroon/cherry cotton blend jacquard dress

Olga Santiago

Mustard dress

Ida Lamberton

Glow-in-the-dark plastic & leather jacket, intarsia dress

Andy Chan

Blue/black/white hand spun/hand dyed yak sweater with sweat pants

Isadora Scimeca

Hand knit navy wool braided pullover, jacquard pant

Kourtney Hankins –

Black and white knit top, drop stitch bubble skirt

Mashal Khan

Wrap over maxi dress

Marines Padilla

White open cable dress

Jongsuk Park

Off-white chunky cotton cord hand-knit jacket, harem pant

Claire Lung

Cotton hand-knit dress

Katie Lewis

Ivory wool coat with fur collar, mohair sweater, pointelle skirt